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My goal, by creating content, is to show the world that every BODY is a good body. That you don't have to fit into a nice box, that you can BE whoever the fuck you want to be in this life without restriction. That you can live your best life at any size, color, culture, religion, or sexual orientation. We need more of these kinds of affirmations.  

Unfortuntely, I've wanted to quit many times over the years because of the stress of the unknown, mostly financial. I'm never sure how I will pay my rent, satisfy the many bill collectors that call my phone, or how my next project will be funded. 

For some reason, people believe that I make a lot of money from blogging. The truth is, I make ZERO dollars from my blog. In an attempt to keep my blog 'organic' and not sell readers Flat Tummy Tea, bundles of weave, waist trainers, and teeth whitening kits, I turn down projects, and in turn, turn away income.

Am I dumb? Maybe. Or maybe I care more about the art, the expression, my readers and want to make my blog community a safe place where you aren't bombarded by capitalist brands only wanting to make a big buck. Maybe, I trust that my community will lift me as I have lifted them over the years.  

I'm finally on Patreon, truthfully, because I've maxed out both credit cards and cannot create and maintain myself any longer. Most of you know when I got divorced, my financial and mental status took a fall. It's been a year now, and although I'm doing better, I need help. 

When I write, it takes time, hours. When I create visual art, it takes time and money. Same with social media and blogging and marketing. My entire day is filled with time consuming projects that I create for the world to enjoy. 

Let's make all the internet trolls that constantly fat-shame me more angry by supporting me on my journey. I'd loooove for you to say 'I do' and be my patron so that I can continue to make waves of inclusion through visual arts and content creation.  

Patrons will receive exclusive shit: 
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$10 will get you a 'Photo' and inspirational quote to match  
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$50 will get you a monthly 10 min video chat (1 on 1 with Leah V)  
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$200 will get you a monthly 25 min video chat + Instagram tag on a current project

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